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About The Album:
“Introducing Wil Alston” is intended to be a calling card for “near-new” Denver jazz vocalist Wil Alston. The goal of the project was to showcase his writing ability, his dedication to the jazz genre, but also celebrate the soul genre, which can also be heard in Wil’s velvet baritone voice. The first tune, “Sunshine” is one of three tunes that sit firmly in the jazz genre, along with “Be Careful” and “Five Points.” Wil says that “Five Points” gave him the platform he had been looking for to share thoughts about the changing demographics in Denver’s historic African American cultural corridor.  

The acoustic tune, “He’s My Brother,” is a tribute to Wil’s oldest brother Harvey Alston and serves as a bridge between the jazz and soul tunes. The soul tunes are led by a duet song that features Atlanta transplant songstress Jess Hurley titled, “Love Needs Attention. It is followed by a soulful and rich upbeat tune titled, ”The Things I Wish For,” that features Denver Rap Artist Kevin Cartoon. The list of songs wraps up with a playful tune called “I Like It.”  

The project was an international collaboration that connected Wil with artists from all over the globe and across the U.S. Bass Brandon Meeks (Indianapolis, IN) (tracks 1, 2, 3,4); Guitar Lionel Tortolero (Venezuela) (tracks 1 & 3); Drums Jake Naugle (Pleasant Valley, UT) (tracks 1,2,3,4); Piano Jordi Castella (Spain) (tracks 1&2); Piano Leo Cincinelli (Spain) (tracks 3&4); Sax Patrick O’Neal (Baltimore MD) (track 4). Also: Track 6 music was produced by The Legion; Track 7 music was produced by AC3 Beats, and Track 8 music was produced by Tone Jonez. 
This is Wil's page for select friends & family so they can listen to the music from the debut cd, "Introducing Wil Alston."