What They're Saying

Check out what some of Colorado's most iconic music professionals are saying about
Wil's new album, "Introducing Wil Alston."
  1. Lannie Garrett Colorado Hall of Fame Singer & Entertainer
    "Wil Alston's new CD project of self-penned songs is as approachable, free and easy as he is when performing live. His song lyrics and warm voice are like listening to a close friend tell you a story. Kudos"
  2. Mary Louise Lee National Actress, Singer, and Entertainer
    "I'm so proud of Wil and his new project. His smooth, cool tones will bring chills to the spine!"
  3. Becky Taylor National Radio Personality & Emcee
    "Wil's debut CD “Introducing Wil Alston” is a collection of songs you can instantly connect with. His soulful voice and outstanding ability for storytelling guides you through each song and showcases his passion for his wife, his family and his community. His dedication to originality and musicianship really stand out!"
  4. Steve Watts Dotsero Band
    "If the human voice is the instrument of the soul, and that soulful voice is irresistibly unique and sublime...it must be Wil Alston doing the singing! "Introducing Wil Alston" is truly a uniquely soulful & dynamic listening experience indeed! A vocal slice of heaven!"
  5. JazzCorner.com
    "Wil Alston's debut album is soothing and diverse. On the Colorado-based singer/songwriter's new album 'Introducing Wil Alston,' his soulful croon is the connective thread that weaves various styles of music. This is a stellar debut!"